GOF2.0 - Critical design document (CDD) and architecture blueprint

This deliverable provides an overview of the GOF2.0 design and architecture. It serves as the architectural interoperability blueprint for the actual demonstrations. Information exchange services based on SWIM Standards within the defined Architecture are identified and the actual realisation of the blueprint for an example trial is laid out.

GOF2.0 - D2.2 Service Specifications

This deliverable the GOF2.0 describes information exchange services documented at conceptual level, following SWIM principles. For each service specification there is a separate document embedded describing the data model. Currently, the following information exchange services are available:
• Traffic/Telemetry (Appendix A)
• Operation Plan (Appendix B)
• Geozones (Appendix C)
• Registration (Appendix D)
• Operational Message (Appendix E)
• Traffic Conformance Monitoring (Appendix F)
• Network Coverage (Appendix G)
The service specifications are a baseline, built on experience from previous projects and the initial project phase of GOF2.0. The deliverable will be updated with better understanding gained in technical integration and validation exercises (Q3 2022).